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Sunday, October 3, 2004

Since the Homestead Grays split their playing time between Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has played a huge role in bringing visibility to the Grays name mnaking a possible return to Major League Baseball.

"Could the Homestead Grays come back to life in D.C.?" by Karen MacPherson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Members of RTG, Susan Keitges and Laura Meisnner, organized volunteers and lead a mid morning rally on the D.C. Mall. Handing out pamphlets and informing people about name debate, they continued to promote the Grays name in a dialogue that has already begun to fill the minds of D.C. residents and baseball fans across the country. For information on how to volunteer for future RTG awareness events and promote the Grays name, contact Susan Keitges ([email protected]).

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Members of RTG woke up this morning as if they had been in a dream. Baseball is returning to D.C. and the movement to honor the Negro Leagues and name the new team the Grays has been gainining momentum. Across the country, the press has spotted our organization and have realized the power of our cause. Find out what they are saying:

"D.C., MLB have much work to do to complete Expos move" by Joseph White, The Associated Press, USA Today

"It's Time to Go Shopping for Baseball Team's Name" WJLA News 7

"Senators still favourite name" London Free Press

"For city, lingering doubt and then delight" by Jeff Barker, Baltimore Sun

"For Baseball, Love at Third Sight" by Jose Antonio Vargas, Washington Post

"Expos become 4th team to call D.C. home, but obstacles remain" by Karen MacPherson, Post-Gazette National Bureau

"Playing the name game" by Patrick Hruby, The Washington Times

"With D.C. Back in the Market, It's Time to Go Shopping for a Name" by Michael Wilbon, Washington Post

"New name for Washington MLB team uncertain" by Chris Otts and Adam Kealoha Causey, Scripps Howard News Service

"Senators? Monuments? Grays? Let the name debate begin" Associated Press

"Expos not quite out of limbo" by Jayson Stark, ESPN.com

"Expos finally found a new home" Associated Press, ESPN.com

"KING Kaufman's Sports Daily" Salon.com

"Up All Night" by Josh Elliot, The Daily Blog, sports illustrated.com


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A glorious day for Washington D.C. and baseball fans across the country! Almost 33 years to the day, baseball is finally returning to Washington D.C. At 5:00pm Mayor Anthony William made the official announcement at the City Museum in Chinatown and members of the RTG organization were there to not only watch history in the making, but to promote their cause to all those who attended the event. Now that phase 1 of RTG's mission--helping bring baseball back to D.C.--has been accomplished, phase 2--getting the new team to be named after the Grays--has now been turned up a notch. Getting people involved in this movement will begin to establish comraderie before next season has even begun. Being vocal about our goals and hopes for the team will also have an impact on the decision-makers as this process continues. Citizen groups like RTG can help influence the decisions so that D.C. residents can rest assured that the a baseball franchise will bring much needed revenue to fund important initiatives and educational opportunities across the District, and baseball fans can rest assured that D.C. will make a fine home for a baseball team and honor America's greatest past time.


Monday, July 19, 2004

Remember the Grays has a new friend in town, a blogger of extraordinary skill who goes by the sinister name Ryan. He is sinister at least to those advocating taking a long metro-less over- trafficked trip out to Dulles Airport to see the Virginia Monologues. Distinguished Senators is a fantastic place to read all the new news on D.C. baseball with good commentary and analysis. Even RTG’s own Laura says, “Distinguished Senators looks like a well-written, wry, witty and well-linked blog (and other words starting with w), but I know you only like it because the guy calls you a ‘mysterious genius.’” Laura, as usual, is correct.

Ryan does have one flaw we are working to fix. He supports naming the District’s team the Senators. Tsk, tsk. He still, however, makes a very convincing argument for the Grays right here. We are going to work together to support the District’s bid. He’ll come around.


Sunday, July 18, 2004

Marc Fisher comes through big time for Remember the Grays. Read his interesting take on why the Expos should be in D.C. right here.


Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Happy Birthday to Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe! The former Homestead Gray is 102 today. He appeared in six East-West All Star game, three as a pitcher and three as a catcher. Sometimes he would play both ends of the battery during the course of a double header, which earned him his nickname. Remembering players like “Double Duty”, of whom, even huge baseball fans have not heard is the reason to support naming the Expos the Grays.


Tuesday, July 6, 2004

The Washington Times did a fantastic piece (link) comparing commutes to Camden, Loudoun or RFK! It is not only compelling. It takes longer to get to the Loudoun site then it does to Camden Yard from Bethesda. Of course, the stadium should be downtown. It’s a silly argument. Have you ever tried to get to Wolf Trap or Nissan Pavilion after work? It’s not in the near vicinity of fun. This was not scientific, but it is telling. He also left at 5 pm, if he left at 6 pm, the commutes would have been longer to each site, except taking the Metro downtown which would still be the same.


Thursday, July 1, 2004

Here is a little game we like to call that D.C. baseball team! Let’s try some out for size. D.C. Snake Heads, too fishy. Washington Pork Barrels, promising but expensive. The Washington Bullets, not being used at the moment. The Washington Wizards, that’s the kind of junk you get when you have a fan contest. Marc Fisher readers got into a little online debate (link) about this today. Marc gives the correct answer. The team name needs to be connected to the history of the area. That brings the debate down to the Senators and the Grays! Marc discusses both, and gives a nice plug for Remember the Grays! Thanks, Marc. And thanks to the questions from pro-Grays fans.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

“Ding, dong the witch is dead!” Good news for D.C. baseball advocates. Peter Angelos grudgingly gave a nod to Washington area baseball in an interview with the A.P. as reported in the Washington Times. Mr. Angelos’ comment, coming only a month before baseball makes its final decision on the Expos, is a sure sign that the MLB is leaning towards Washington. The only remaining question is whether the stadium will be the District or Northern Virginia (Dulles). This means we have to work quickly to get our message out. The new Washington area team must be named the Washington Grays! We only have a month before the new era of D.C. baseball begins, let’s make it worthwhile. It’s time to Get Involved!


Wednesday, June 9, 2004

How many Senators represent the District of Columbia? Zero, that’s right! So why should we represent Senators by naming our baseball team after them? Right again, we shouldn’t! This is the point made by D.C. political commentator Mark Plotkin during Washington Post web chat on Tuesday. Mr. Plotkin said “I will do everything in my power, and I couldn't' be more serious about this and I need all your help, that if baseball comes to D.C. the name of the team will NOT be, I repeat will NOT be the Washington Senators. We don't have two senators and until we do we shouldn't be called the Washington Senators. I repeat, the name of this team should never be allowed to be called the Washington Senators.” This is a voting-rights issue for one of the biggest champions of voting-rights. He is so passionate about the anti-Senators movement that at the end of the chat he addresses the subject a second time saying he will be “monomaniacal” on the issue. Now, Mr. Plotkin has not yet endorsed any particular name in place of the Senators, but we have a good idea for him. The Washington Grays is a name that represents the unrepresented, and what would be more appropriate in D.C. Hat tip: Jamal Jafari for bringing this chat to our attention. Mark Plotkin also states that those in the know feel that D.C. has the Expos. Two reasons to feel good today!

If you find any hot news tips of which Remember the Grays should be aware, please forward them to us at [email protected]

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