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On this page, we will post actions you can take to support the efforts of Remember the Grays!

Take Action! Top Ten!

Here are the “Top Ten” actions you can take to help bring the Washington Grays to Washington!

Number Ten

Vote for the Grays on the Washington Baseball Club Website. (1 minute)

1. Go to www.baseballindc.com.
2. Click on the Name Our Team button.
3. Fill out the form and let them know you want the “Grays”


Number Nine

Sign the Remember The Grays Petition. (1 minute)

Please sign our online petition at www.petitiononline.com/dcgrays!


Number Eight

Help pay for the high costs of printing and getting the message out. (1 minute)

Donate to the cause!


Number Seven

Send Letters/E-Mails to Major League Baseball encouraging them to support a Washington baseball team named the Grays. (5-10 minutes)

Here is all of the information you will need!


Number Six

Send E-Mails/Letters to Washington Baseball Club encouraging them to embrace the Grays. (5-10 minutes)

Here is all of the information you will need!


Number Five

Email all of your friends and family and encourage them to sign the Petition. (2 minutes)

Follow this up by talking to everyone you know, every chance you have!


Number Four

Print out the Remember the Grays poster and our tri-fold brochure and distribute it around town. (2 minutes to print and as much time as you can take to distribute)

Print the Poster (coming soon)

Print the Tri-Fold Brochure


Number Three

Search out websites and forums to post about Remember the Grays. Spread the word and link them to this website. Baseball and D.C. political forums are the best targets. (15 minutes)

Here are some places to get started, but please find others:
The Insiders D.C. Baseball Forum http://mb2.theinsiders.com/fbaseballfrm43
The Baseball Think Factory: www.baseballthinkfactory.org
D.C. Political Blogs: www.dcbloggers.com


Number Two

Sign up for invitations to future Remember the Grays rallies and other events. (1 minute)

Email [email protected] or Susan Keitges ([email protected]) and all you have to say is “keep me informed”!


Number One

Be Creative! (entire lifetime)

This is a citizen’s organization that is fueled by the creativity of citizens! Create your own ways of getting the message of Remember the Grays out to people and decision makers. Please let us know what you come up with! The best ideas will be included in future top ten lists!

Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport!


Please Sign Our Petition

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