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Remember the Grays is an organization of citizens concerned with honoring the legacy of Negro League Baseball and its players, and teaching Americans about the struggle for integration in baseball and Washington, D.C. Remember the Grays is dedicated to naming a new Major League Baseball franchise the Washington Grays. Remember the Grays works to influence the Washington Baseball Club and Major League Baseball to support the following actions:

1. Bringing a Major League Baseball franchise to Washington, D.C. under the name of the Washington Grays, as a living memorial to the Negro Leagues and baseball’s integration history.

2. Building a museum at the Washington Grays’ stadium that honors the Negro Leagues and its players, and addresses the historical impact of segregation on baseball and on Washington, D.C.

3. Creating a community-education program that teaches the history of segregation and the battle for integration in Washington and in baseball, and provides the tools for constructive discourse on civil rights issues.


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